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Our Story

We have the most polluted world of any generation, the least amount of non-renewable resources, the sea levels are raising, yet, we continue to negatively affect our planet.
As a product designer, I had an idea that would have a positive impact on the world around us. That idea has now evolved into a 5 people startup in which you can contribute to create a profitable company. We want to create products from natural materials that not only offer high quality style and value to a consumer but that also preserve the world around us.

Our first product is a backpack that is made with organic, compostable, vegan materials without the addition of chemicals that harm our environment. It is ergonomically designed, which you will notice as soon as you put it on. The inspiration behind this backpack is the Tarahumara culture; however, we designed it to suit the lifestyle of enthusiastic travelers, exotic artists, book lovers, and people not afraid of expressing their true selves. We made more than 20 prototypes to ensure that our design was as flawless, functional, comfortable, beautiful and unique as it could be.


The bag is organic certified 100% cotton, it includes a variety of sized compartments for your books or tablet and smaller pockets to carry your important smaller items like: coins, pens, phone and more. We replaced plastics and metal materials, like zippers, from conventional backpacks with accessories made out of coconut shell such as buttons, buckles, and hoops used for hanging your glasses or keys.

With the help of Tarahumara artists we made a handcrafted strap with unique symbols from their culture and colors to brighten your life. We are grateful to them for what they have taught us and with every sold backpack we will give back to their community by offering fair job opportunities and by trading goods with them.

We have tested the backpack to its limits so you can enjoy it for a long time. Once you decide to get rid of it, you can simply burry it and it will biodegrade back to nature as it once was.
You will surely benefit from a product that is ecologically and socially responsible, useful and comfortable, carries your goods and enhances your character.

Thank you for believing in our mission to bring fashionable, environmentally conscious products to stylish, and unique individuals. Please share this message so that, together, we can inspire people, companies and other entrepreneurs to begin participating in fair eco-friendly businesses.

• To create ecological and original products in tribute to the native people, whom we will help.

• To inspire the whole planet and share our ecological and social way of thinking.


“The ones with the light feet.” This native community live all around the Sierra Madre Occidental (also called Sierra Tarahumaura) located in northern Mexico. The Sierra is a long jagged mountain chain where several amazing canyons are found.               

The Tarahumaras are worldwide famous because of their amazing ability of running ultramarathons.” One explorer spent 10 hours crossing a mountain by mule, a Tarahumara runner made the same trip in 90 minutes”, Men’s Health.

Tarahumaras are not only known because of long distance running but also for hanging for so long to their traditional culture. Thery still use their traditional clothes and also fabricate hand made crafts full of colors and meaningful symbols. Like the straps which can contain the following symbols.

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